Sean Williams


GRA 1111

Trip 2

 During the trip to the Museum of Comic and Cartoon art I learned a lot. The building itself was around since1939. This trip was exciting because of the cool painting and different illustrations that were hanging all on the walls. Each drawing was creative and different in there own way. Each painting and drawing used different styles of art. There were some people used pencil and others used oil. There was a painting were the artist wanted to express red and used it as the primary color and the paintings foundation.

   This museum had ranges from comic book drawing to famous pieces of art like a painting from a movie call Harry Potter. People also donated some of their best work to the museum. There were some paintings that the museum bought for little to no money which are now worth over thousands of dollars. This museum also had a bar which they use on different nights to let people present different works that they have done.

   The museum also helps college students put there work out in the world, but the art that you submit has to be judged along with 8,000 other drawings, which only a few get picked to be put up and sent out to for a show. Other companies and organizations come to the show to look at the work and if they like it that artist can be hired for a job.

   One other thing I learned was about the different comics that were at the museum. These comics weren’t ordinary comics, like the ones with super heroes and super powers. These comics were about realistic things that people go through on a daily basis. Things about fornication, globalization,thievery, and who people really are. These comics are what is called under ground art. They were very realistic and detailed.

     This trip was an eye opener because it gave me a new sense of creativity. It made a difference in the sense that showed me everything is going to be easy and that I can do it but I have to work very hard and be dedicated to this. So many other people are trying to be in the same field I’m trying to be in, and that should be my motivation to push me harder and pass my limits to get to where I want to be in life.

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