Journal Entry #6

Overall I would rate my performance 4 out of 5 stars. Here’s why:

I’ve been able to complete all the tasks which have been assigned. My boss usually has a satisfactory reaction when she comes to see what I’ve done. If changes are needed I am able to apply them easily because I have good organization skills when it comes to file naming. The reason I wouldn’t give myself 5 out of 5 is because I don’t feel that I brought anything outstanding to the table. Truthfully I didn’t even know the kind of work I’d be doing when I began the internship. Therefore I wasn’t able to get much early exposure to the subject beforehand. Although I have since made up that gap and now I would consider myself knowledgeable at least in regards to the work that I’ve done for McCann. Being outstanding would give them cause to hire me after the internship had ended, which sounded like a real possibility in the beginning. Though as time passed and reality sank back in I soon realized it wasn’t very likely. I needed to know more and be able to tackle more difficult problems in the overall process. Knowing this now allows me to move forward knowing what I need to learn and which areas I can improve myself.

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