Journal Entry #4

I am learning about different types of responsive web design. One of my first assignments as an intern at McCann was to research what the current trends were in responsive web design. I learned about all the different standard grid types such as the 960 and 996 grid. Which are used to help build and design websites around a framework.

I learned a lot of new tricks for making cool effects in Photoshop. For things such as buttons and links. There are thousands of ways to go about creating them. Although its at your own discretion because take it from me… I know its easy to get carried away with all the effects.

I learned how to read from and build website using wire frame mockups. This is an important asset because the wire frames are just that. No design is typically included other than maybe color requirements and specifications. It’s up to the designer to make the website come to life using their Photoshop bag of tricks.

I learned about file naming conventions. I always knew but finally fully realized the importance of correct file naming. It’s important to name your files correctly and include a proper date and time stamp if necessary. This way you always have back-ups of your work and can go back to previous versions If you make to many changes.

A typically day for me as an intern starts at 10 when I come into work. I normally greet everyone who sits around me before I then sit down and turn on my computer. I proceed to open up whatever I was working on the previous day and immediately save a new version with today’s date. That way god-forbid if anything were to happen I place to go back to and everything isn’t lost. My boss usually gets into work at around 10:30. She then gives me work which normally needs to be done or at least near completion by the end of the day. She then goes off to about a thousand meetings and we check-in again at the end of the day to see my progress.

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