Hello All,

I’m Sidney Lora, A twenty two years old fashionista from NYC, that was born and raised in Brooklyn. Currently I am a senior at The New York College of Technology, where I will be obtaining a baccalaureate degree in The Business and Technology of Fashion.

From an early age living in a neighborhood like BedStuy, art has always been very prevalent, through mural graffiti artwork on the side of building walls, and movies like “Do The Right Thing by Spike Lee brought nostalgic thoughts that influenced me today. For as long as I can remember I have always been a fashion fanatic recreating and elevating my elder sister’s used clothes. My frugal parents values, geared me to become creative and make the most out of a small budget. Thrifting and consignment helped me to truly express myself through dress it brought me financial freedom while shopping.

My personal style really fluctuates from chic to grungy to punk to preppy to comfy depending on the day and event. I really thrive off of customizing retro pieces and elevating them to look expensive and on trend. Although I am a college student on a budget I love to appear the complete opposite. Unfortunately this world is so judgmental, that we unconsciously treat people according to the way they appear in dress, so I make it a priority to dress as who I  aspire to be,  so that I can be addressed appropriately.