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Being a child of two different neighborhoods, i have pretty interesting prospect of both bay ridge through carrol gardens (prospect park is in between haha). The interesting thing about these places is the place in time they both are, carrol gardens is currently being “remade” since the opening of barclays center, alot of childhood stores and store owners are being replaced with , and all sorts of different people are moving in while my familiar faces move out. Now whats cool about bay ridge is there are A LOT of mansions and fancy houses and stores that look like they have been there since the beginning of time. Prime example of that is the old “nicoletti coffee roasters” whom still grow and sell THEIR OWN beans. I believe Carrol gardens is working their way up to the prestige and culture of the ,already established, Bay Ridge. Fun fact: Nobody from bay ridge actually calls it “Bay Ridge” we refer to it simply as “the ridge”.


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