Purpose of this site:

You can use this informative website to educate yourself about the various types of eating disorders (anorexia, Bulimia, etc.). This website provides information to further assist you in understanding the eating disorders. You can also use the links on this website that will direct you to other resources that are relevant and expands on the topic(s) you choose and/or are interested in.

If you are having questions or problems with your eating habits and/or your health relating to your diet, or if you suspect that your child or someone is in need of professional help regarding eating problems, you can use the information and links that are provided in this website to help you to acquire the suggestions and advice that can benefit you or someone who you are concerned about.

Please seek medical attention if you have a medical emergency. This website was designed to be a collection or hub of common eating disorders and is solely intended to be used as a guide that will direct users to websites that provide more information concerning clinical treatment, procedures, and other health related topics. We, the administrators of this website, are not qualified to recommend any health advice and we do not claim to be knowledgeable about any of the topic on our website. We do not claim any responsibility regarding your decision or activity involving this website. Seek professional medical care or assistance before making any decision or taking any action concerning any health related topic or issue.

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