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William Green

intermediate R

I chose intermediate R because it was the direct next level to the beginners course.  The course dealt with conditional loops, conditional statements. these loops and statements are very key into the major of Electrical Engineering. When using some of the machine codes and programming from engineering the same codes arise and the intermediate R reinforces our understanding and programming writing abilities. The course had some topics with conditions where the program will continue to move on to the next instructions if the condition is not met and if the condition is met the program will break the code and give you a answer. this is demonstrated in engineering with for and while loops. one thing I learned in the intermediate R is  writing and adjusting date and time this is found in the utilities section of the topic. This is something that I have not done while programming in engineering and posed some difficulty.

Some of the topics included conditions, loop, apply family, functions and utility.

Give a brief (but not vague!) description of the topics that are covered in that course.