Shanique Clarke’s Bio


My name is Shanique Clarke and I am currently attending New York City College of Technology, as a Human Services major. I intended to graduate in the Fall of 2012. Upon receiving my degree I hope to obtain a career within the child welfare department, to further my interest in working with the client population of teens and adolescents. I also hope that as my career advances, I will help institute new programs in low income communities, whether it is children, parents, elderly, or the mentally disabled. I also hope to assist with career advisory programs that help individuals to further their employment and educational opportunities.

My major influence for wanting to go into this field of Human Services with a concentration in child welfare was that as a child, adolescent, and a teen, I realized that there are certain situations in which one may not want to confide in his or her parents. As a result, one may want to seek guidance, but then does not how to or where to search. I want to be an advocate for this and be there to counsel those in need. As a student aspiring to make a career out of this profession, I know I have strengths and knowledge that gives me the opportunity of being a well-rounded individual who can contribute an abundant amount of ideas, knowledge, and experiences towards this profession. I am a critical thinker. I am ambitious, patient, observant, analytical, diligent, and very reliable. In my past experiences pertaining to being a student and as a member of the work field, I have had past employment exposure, and family influences which have helped nurture these characteristics of mine and make them apparent.

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