Ethics Post 1

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1a) “A professional designer adheres to principles of integrity that demonstrate respect for the profession, for colleagues, for clients, for audiences or consumers, and for society as a whole.”
Before starting my internship I would have said I exemplified these words, yet how would I have known that for sure? I wasn’t actively participating in professional fields nor was I producing any work on a grand scale. It wasn’t until I started my internships, an experience that has been nothing if not enlightening, that I would truly learn what it means to adhere to the principles of integrity. At my company we place a strong emphasis on ethical practices, ensuring that all design work is conducted with integrity and respect for intellectual property rights. Before we could even begin designing my supervisor made sure we knew the importance of avoiding plagiarism, going through the proper channels when using images, and most importantly respecting the creative rights of ourselves and others.

1b) I feel as though I am in a unique position in my internship where the copyright concern is not as harsh. Since my position requires me to render in-house models into 3D images, I can rest more easily knowing that the images I’m using are made rather than outsourced. This, however, doesn’t mean that my company is not meticulous when it comes to image sourcing. Our current project involves a prestigious and reputable company making any outsourced material high-risk. With this in mind, my company has been vigilant in ensuring that any trademark, logo, or text used is both appropriate and in proper accordance with our contract guidelines

1c) While I was not required to sign a confidentiality agreement for my internship site, I am still very much mindful of the information-sensitive work we do. As such, when I am creating my journal entries for this class I make sure not to disclose any confidential information or specific details regarding my company. Instead, I use nondescript phrases, and rather, I choose to focus on general experiences, actions, and my growth over the time spent at my internship.