Patrick Corbett (Ph.D., English Rhetoric and Composition, University of Louisville; M.A., English, Clarion University of Pennsylvania; B.A., Economics, Northwestern University) joined the City Tech English Department in 2013. He had worked previously in diverse fields including textile manufacturing, information technology, healthcare policy research, and motion picture development before becoming a teacher and scholar of writing. Patrick’s research focuses on the unseen activities and cultural dimensions found in the everyday use of communications technologies.


Jason W. Ellis (PhD, English, Kent State University; MA, Science Fiction Studies, University of Liverpool; BS, Science, Technology, and Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology) brings his passion for engineering solutions to City Tech. He leverages his interdisciplinary research on the intersection of digital technology and the human brain in 20th/21st-century American literature and popular culture to inspire and improve his pedagogical approaches to teaching rhetoric, multimodal composition, technical communication, critical theory, and digital literacy. Read more about his work on his blog at