Supplies: What do I need to buy for this course, thus far?

Highlighting pens in four colors: pink, blue, yellow, and orange  (If you can’t find orange, green is also fine.)

Pens/pencils, and lots of paper in spiral or other notebooks (preferably with 3-hole punch)

Regular sized notebook (10.5″ x 8″ approx.) for writing your assignments in class and at home, taking notes…

Small, portable notebook — preferably without lines, but with lines is also okay

A folder or folders

A formal notebook or 3-ring binder you will use to submit your Journal entries to the Professor. It is best to have a notebook/binder that includes folders in it, as well as space for written paper, so that I can easily see what you have written and read on a weekly basis. You can cull your writings from your daily notebooks into this larger Journal, periodically.

The Textbook, “Rules of Thumb: A Guide for Writers” by Jay Silverman, et al.

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