I was raised with my parents and little sister in Japan in a small flat up until I was 5. It all changed when my mama and I left Japan, leaving behind all my friends and family members. Adapting in a new place was hard and made me realize that I can’t be sad, and I had made new friends by interacting with my new classmates at the academy. It wasn’t all great, the teachers despised me since I was an immigrant and didn’t appreciate my Japanese descent. My mama was always getting weekly calls because I was inadeqaulty finishing assignments since I can’t speak the Chinese language. While taking extracurricular classes helped me catch up and cultivate my Chinese language skills, it was still hard being in class. Then when I felt everything was in place again, my mama revealed she was leaving my sister and I and establishing residence in The United States. She claimed living in the United States will help us by supplying us with better academic departments and a chance st living the American Dream.