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Study Guide for Final Exam

Hi class,

The exam is next Thursday (Dec 15th) Ā in our usual room at the usual time.

Thanks for helping me to design the final exam. Please note that this is not an open book exam. Please be on time for the exam, and be sure to turn off your phones prior to entering the classroom.

Final Exam Study Guide:

The Exam Consists of Three Sections:

  1. Key Terms
  2. Quotation identification
  3. Short Essay







**-translation: Linda Cahir (3)

**-Ethics (5)


**-pov/composition/mise en scene

**-science fiction

**-Artificial intelligence



Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Rowling, Cuaron)

Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare, Zeffirelli); Shakespeare in Love (Madden)

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Dick); Bladerunner (Scott)


Quotation Identification:

Harry Potter: dementors, Aunt Marge, Ā final scenes: from womping willow to patronus to time turner.

Romeo and Juliet: opening party, balcony, fights, marriage, blood bath! Including final speech by prince.

Do Androids: Mercer, Iran, Seattle, JR and Pris, sheep/goat/toad, blood bath



In this section, you will be asked to choose one of two questions. You will need to compare and/or examine texts and films in terms of some linking idea, such as redemption, empathy, ethics, translation. Further, be able to think of a comparison (similarities and differences) across at least two texts/films.

Essay questions example: How does feminist ethics operateĀ in Shakespeare in Love, Bladerunner, and Harry Potter? More specifically, how might the decisions and actions of the Queen, Rachel Rosen, and HermoineĀ Granger speak to the difficulties of living in a Patriarchal society? What do these characters do to work with and work against certain institutions? Use concrete examples.

Best wishes,

Prof. Scanlan





Homework for Dec 1

Hi Class,

Hope you were surprised and curious about the Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner. You might be interested to know that Bladerunner was AFI’s sixth best science fiction movie ever.

Homework: Print out the ethics handout and the Essay 2 directions. Finish reading Do Androids. Write a draft of Essay 2 and bring in a printed copy for peer review on Dec. 1. Two pages minimum.

See you in two weeks.


Prof. Scanlan

Homework and What Is Science Fiction?

Hi Class,

I hoped you liked Shakespeare in Love. I forgot to tell you that it won 7 Academy Awards in 1998–including best picture, best actress, and best supporting actress.

Homework for Nov 17:

  1. Define these terms: science fiction, empathy, artificial intelligence, and ethics (as a bonus, be able to define Mercerism)
  2. Read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick–up to page 84.
  3. Prepare for Quiz 3 (over the above terms and up to page 84). Be sure to know major characters, setting, and plot.





Through this University of Kansas website, we can learn quite a lot about science fiction:



See especially the Wikipedia definition page for science fiction and the history of science fiction poster by Ward Shelly


Homework for November 10

Hi Class,

Journal 4 is due next Thursday: First, please print out the Cahir chapter on Plays into Film (I want to discuss it next week and want everybody to examine it together). Then write a 300 word summary of Cahir paying close attention to her views on Shakespeare. This assignment will be important for our final exam.

Also, I’ve revised the weekly schedule for the rest of the semester (no big changes). You can view it on the Syllabus menu tab.




Homework for November 3

Hi Class,

For next Thursday:

  1. Reread Act V so that we can compare different interpretations of death and justice.
  2. Read Cahir on plays into film–in the Readings menu tab.
  3. Then write a paragraph in your notebooks in which you play the Prince at the end of Act V and decide what sort of justice is necessary.

Also: I made a mistake when grading question #2 in the extra credit quiz. I got my Nimbuses and Firebolts confused. If you wrote down Firebolt: you are correct! Sirius did give him that broom to make up for lost birthdays (see 433). See me so I can award you that point.


Prof. Scanlan

Homework for October 27, 2016

Hi Class,

We will definitely end next week’s class very close to 5pm. The Zeffirelli film is 2:18.


  1. If you have not already done so, read the introduction by Bryant.
  2. Read the entire play–take notes on each scene.
  3. Consider these ideas for next weeks’ quiz: which characters are:
    1. Innocent
    2. Responsible
    3. Forgiving–or deserve forgiveness
    4. Graceful–have grace
    5. Redeemed (or not)
    6. Teachers/Students


Prof. Scanlan

Homework for Oct 20th

Hi Class,

I hope that you enjoyed the end of the Prisoner of AzkabanĀ and found the freewrite and discussion to be helpful.

For next Thursday:

1. Essay 1ā€”final draft due! At 2:30. Please staple first draft and peer review to final draft.

2. Get Romeo and Juliet: Signet Classic (1998)Ā *****ISBN: 978-0-451-52686-1

3. Read Intro: pages lxiii ā€“ lxxviii

4. Extra credit quiz on Harry Potter

Email any questions on the essay. I recommend that you revise and edit with care. Make sure to ask at least one person to carefully read your essay. Perhaps you should exchange email addresses with your interviewee and continue to help each other.


Prof. Scanlan

Homework for October 13th

Hi Class,

Three things for the 13th:

  1. Read up to page 332 (chapter 17).
  2. In your notebook define symbol and theme, and then, using these terms, define and thenĀ describeĀ the Patronus charm and Dementors. As we move through the book and the film, I suggest that you consider the importance of the following concepts: magic, time, memory, and death. Eventually, we need to explore the deeper meaning of these conceptual terms as they relate to the central characters and the arc of the plot.
  3. Bring in a 2-3 page draft of Essay 1. Be sure to carefully read the assignment details before beginning. Use the journal/essay format.

Email any questions.

Oh, and consider checking out Pottermore: Ā https://www.pottermore.com/#


Prof. Scanlan

Homework for Sept. 29

Hi Class,

I thought today’s class displayed the right balance of creativity and knowledge building with some application thrown in for good measure. Good job!

For next Thursday:

-Read up to Chapter Six in Harry Potter (3). Page 96 in my version.

-Review the “Useful Terms” handout (Readings)

-Review two new clips: “Opening Scene”Ā and “Aunt Scene”

-Write a 300 word journal in which you explore one or two shots in these clips. Make sure to use the correct terms such as pan or tracking or eye-level shot, for example. Chose the terms that you think are important to the shot. PleaseĀ use this journal format:



Prof. Scanlan

Homework for September 15

Hi Class,

I enjoyed the lively discussion today. And I hope that you gained some insight into narrative theory–more is on the way.

For next week:

  1. Print out and read Masiello
  2. Print out and read Cahir
  3. Watch the three short film interpretations of “The Tell-Tale Heart.”
  4. Choose of the three films and briefly discuss what type of translation it is (according to Cahir). Then briefly apply the five-part narrative tool to that film. I think about one page of writing should suffice. This is for discussion, so you do not need to turn it in.

Best wishes,

Prof. Scanlan

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