Beauty in Brooklyn



Beauty In Brooklyn, 2013, Nathasha Morales


I took this picture around august of 2013, the picture is of the sky as the sun is setting. It was on a Sunday at 6 o’clock as I was just getting out of work, I usually walk home after I get out and even though it’s 35 blocks I don’t mind it because the beautiful views I get to see make up for it. I reached the corner at the end of the street where my job is located at, I was about to cross the street when I noticed how beautiful the sky looked that evening and couldn’t help but snap a photo of it. What I find interesting about this photo is how you get a look into what my part of Brooklyn is like, I love how you see the cars in front of me turning the corner although I have the sign to walk, and the electrical wires hanging all around criss-crossing each other, plus you can see Pasta Fresca Ravioli, the Italian restaurant diagonally cross the street from my job. I like the way this picture makes me appreciate the little things in life like the scenery, it’s nice knowing that no matter what’s going on around me, I can always be thankful for the beautiful things put on this earth.


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