How is the Wii sensor bar similar to the X Box Kinect


Dance Central Kinnect

This interactive game uses a motion tracking camera and previously recorded information to process the users movement. By utilizing the camera the lens captures the movement of the user; if the gesture of the user does/doesn’t match the previously recorded information then the system add/takes away points accordingly


Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) uses a tactile based system in which the user strikes a metal arrow pad with their feet to match the appropriate arrow on the screen using rhythm and timing. As the user simultaneously strikes the pad with the moving arrows on the screen, the computer in the game calculates the number of  points to be given.


Just Dance Wii

This game uses a remote that tracks the motion of the player. The “Wiimote” responds to inferred light and based on the time that there is movement detected in the light the game records scores accordingly.


Wii Sensor Tutorial

Unlike motion detecting cameras Wii sensors use inferred light to interact with the “Wiimote”. The sensor on the sensor bar (connected to the T.V.) gives off inferred light that the sensor on the Wiimote picks up.