About me-Yanxuan LIN,OR you can call me SARAH.

Hey! My name is Yanxuan Lin. You can also call me Sarah. I came from China five years ago. I am studying Graphic design. I also have a part-time graphic design job where I need to design a postcard every holiday for a company showing their special products. Besides that, I also tried many other jobs such as the patient carer and the photographer for an official account. My multi-language skills helped me a lot. Except for English, I can also speak mandarin, cantonese, Sichuan dialect and little bit japanese and korean.

I am a designer,a photographer and also a baker. I love to cook and bake. They just like a self treatment for me that make me calm.

I have a cat called Grace. I adopted her from 3 years ago. She is my angel.

Hope you find something interesting in my e-portfolio.