So one big project I worked on in my internship was a collaborative project that was supposed to promote the company in its entirety. So I collaborated with another individual in order to bring this project to life. I got full creative control so I brainstormed the whole video idea. My idea was to have a drone come and introduce the main building of the company and transition to the camera to give a tour of the main building, ultimately transition into different shots of the different activities that are offered in the company. We communicated via email and on site meetings in order to get our ideas across. The project was scrapped by one of my supervisors due to the time crunch and lack of content, the project was put on hold and will be continued in the later future. I had a lot of fun working on it while it lasted, simply because of the creative control. I was able to really brainstorm how i wanted everything to run. It is unfortunate that i did not get to see my project come to life, but i am currently working on promoting the individual site i am interning at.