So my job in the company so far has been to design a slideshow that helps promote the company, and the site i work at. My supervisor at the site, her name is Cynthia Ortiz, She is basically the person at the site who makes sure everything is running accordingly and making sure everyone is doing their job. Now Cynthia also helps us when we are struggling at work, she makes sure to let us know that she is there for everyone, she’s not just there to be our boss and tell us what to do. The way I came to pick this as my site was that I really love the experience and opportunity to work with kids. I thought about it on a different stand point, me being a designer i will come across many different clients, but as a designer we must also allow ourselves to adapt to any client, what tougher client than a child. Children are unpredictable and choosing this internship has been an amazing experience, kids give you something new to work on every single day and it makes every day unique. I interviewed with one person at first but then i was joined but another supervisor and asked questions in regards to what i can bring to the table. I didn’t really wait long, I was told that i was hired right then and there. The main questions I was asked was, Where have I worked prior? What do I do for like hobbies ? What can I bring to the table?