About me

I am a recent graduate from CUNY City college of Technology with a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering and this is my e-portfolio. I have worked on both software and hardware projects that involve computers, electronics, machine learning and more.

More about me

I got my first computer at age 5, and I have been using, maintaining, troubleshooting, and learning more and more about personal computers (PCs) ever since. My passion for engineering and my eagerness to learn about the underlying tech that drives these machines have led me to this path. From understanding the fundamentals of electricity, to the logic gates that form integrated circuits, to the major components that drive a computer device, I got the opportunity to explore all areas of the technology and how it is implemented and used today. With my new found knowledge and a refined skillset I have developed a stronger appreciation for computers and computer technology.

Currently, I am advancing my programming skills in data structure and algorithms and plan to use my knowledge to create larger applications and/or develop an AI driven product. I have been using Python as my primary programming language for years and I intend on mastering it. I have some experience with other languages such as Java, C++, HTML, but I am also open and eager to learn more programming languages as needed.