Ruth Fernandez

Hi, my name is Ruth Fernandez , I am in my senior year currently finishing the Dental Hygiene Program.

The reason I choose Dental Hygiene as a career choice is because I like to help people out and what better way than  teaching and informing patients how to take good care of their teeth. In this DH  program I have met different patients with different cases.

Towards the end of DH I will look back and see all my shortcomings, but I should only expect to get better. In fact, I know that I will become a better dental hygienist. As a student, I have always strived to do my best. As a health care provider, that aspiration is mandatory, and I have the responsibility to be an educated and informed hygienist.

This program has been challenging, but I have achieved  a lot of knowledge throughout these years in this DH program. In this e-portfolio I will explain and demonstrate all experiences and skills I have acquired during my clinical hours.