photo (4)  Ryoya Terao  is an associate professor of Video Production in the Department of Entertainment Technology at New York City College of Technology. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, his work, which includes experimental films, narrative shorts, and documentaries, has been shown on NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), PBS, YesNetwork, and other TV networks in the U.S.A. and abroad as well as at film festivals.

During recent years, Professor Terao has co-produced and/or directed dozens of documentaries focusing on human-interest subjects. Stories include Sled-Dog Dreams about a sled-dog team from an animal shelter in Durango, Colorado; Go Achilles! on disabled athletes from around the globe; Gun Runners on gun-violence through the eyes of former gang members in New York; and Klavierhaus on immigrant brothers who import and restore antique pianos. With respect to environmental concerns, he worked on a documentary about asbestos litigations and in the process, discovered a groundbreaking historic document that led to compensations for asbestos-related diseases in Japan. He also directed Bamboo Bicycle, a story on an innovative bike studio in Brooklyn operated by three young men, hand crafting bamboo bikes for eco-friendly New Yorkers and people in the developing world.

Professor Terao has interviewed renowned actors such as Robert DeNiro and Julie Andrews, artists and sports personalities such as the legendary PR announcer for the Yankees, Bob Shepard, as well as political and governmental figures, including Romeo Dallaire, the Force commander of the UN Assistance Mission in Rwanda (played by Nick Nolte in the film Hotel Rwanda.)