Project Ideas


Guidelines for project:

  1. Slide Presentation
    1. Who is it for?
      1. Age, Demographics
        1. What design choices or usability choice did you make for your project based on Demographics?
    2. What is it for?
      1. Teaching, Tool, Entertainment
        1. How are you going access if it is fun or a good teaching tool?
    3. Why does this need to exist?
      1. What goals will your project achieve
    4. When will it be used?
      1. Time, Place, Location
        1. Explain how Time, Place, Location, etc affect how your project is being used?
        2. Explain how specifically your project is affect by Time, Place, etc
          1. ie. Materials Used
          2. Sensors
    5. How Does it work? (Diagram)
  2. Present a 3D model of project (For Final)
    1. top
    2. left
    3. bottom
    4. perspective
  3. Parts list
    1. Senors
      1. How they work?
      2. How are you using them?
        1. I am using to sense a users hand and activates a series of motors
  4. Code
  5. Sketches/Mood Board

Some Ideas

Sensitive Mouse

Super LED Showdown


Ball Sink

Singing Trashcan



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