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Zach Bokuniewicz

Zach’s presentation last week was really well done and informative. The points that really stuck out to me, which I had not considered were the questions to ask following the end of your interview. What is your favorite thing about working here? What is a typical day like at the company? These are such simple questions but I think in the heat of the interview process, someone wouldn’t normally gravitate to asking something like this. As Zach stated, it’s a great way of showing that you are interested and also keeping the interviewers on their toes and really getting a gauge of how the company is.

Job Search Therapy

Last week we had a guest speaker come in, James Levin who runs an organization Job Search Therapy. James is a Talent Acquisition Specialist among other things. Hearing James talk and describe that there are companies out there that help creative find work and help promote themselves better is wonderful. We’ve all had moments where we feel we’ve hit a slump or we worry and question why an interview didn’t go as planned, and James is the person who can help us improve our overall presentation.

James mentioned a few valuable points that I walked away with. One is the conversational pivot, and the second being elevator speech. James broke these down in a very simplistic way, which looking back now I don’t know why I imagined them so daunting and hard. It was definitely a worthwhile experience listening to James and it’s good to know there are people out there who can help us creatives if we ever hit a rut in the future.