Hi my name is Sophia Copeland. I am currently a Human Service major student. I transfered from Brooklyn College two semesters ago where I was pursuing Psychology as a major. I delight in helping others and my goals are to become a licensed Social Worker, to give Therapuetic counseling to special needs children, and to own my own out-patient Psychotheraphy clinic. I have two children, ages 6 years old, and 12 years old; they are boys. what drew me to becoming a Social Worker was seeing and hearing the needs of parents who like me have children with developmental disabilities, but who have no voice or anyone to advocate for them. Becoming a Social Worker  will enable me to reach out to families in need. My year of expected graduation was October 2012, but because i lost so many credits when i transfered my new expected date of graduation is January 2014. I will be graduating with a Bacholorette degree in Human Services, but will continue my Post-Graduate degree in Social Work.

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Hi :)

Hello 🙂

My name is Melody Myers and I am a full time student enrolled in New York City College of Technology. I first started off as an accounting major but after two semesters changed to human services. The reason for this change was simple, I had no true interest in accounting I was more interested in the financial l part of the job. I am now a full time human service major going for my associates and hopefully if everything goes as planned I will be finished in Fall 2012. My specific field of study I’m hoping to pursue is case work with children and family and a child psychologist. I love working with children, and hopefully with my knowledge and dedication to my job I can make a difference in my community and the communities around me.

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