3D Printing Essay

Ronald Gordon

May, 10, 2019

Digital Media Foundations


3D Printing has become a staple of technological advancement in printing digital items. 3D printing is a certain type of printing which can replicate items that are designed online. Instead of printing pictures, a 3D printer uses a special type of plastic to replicate the shape and proportions of the object in question. This can be used to print out things like works of art designed online that can easily be replicated through use of a 3D printer.  

However, besides its uses in the art department, 3D printing has also been shown to be useful in fields such as Dentistry or Construction. An example of this is the article on 3Dprinting.com which talks about the many uses of a 3D printer which can in fact print out a copy of a person’s teeth and jawbone for a dentist to study and analyze. It can also be used as a better example for buildings instead of blueprints because of the fact that it’s an actual representation of what the building would look like and what problems may arise from it’s design.

In recent news, on technologyreview.com, 3D printing has been shown as many different dresses and style choices at the recent Met Gala event. Five outfits, designed by Zac Posen in a collab with Protolabs and GE Additive, had components that were made via 3D printing. This wasn’t even Posen’s first opportunity of using 3D printing in his designs, as in 2016 he made an outfit for Claire Danes that featured many fiber optic components. With this in mind, many people are more open eared about 3D printing and are assured that Posen will definitely bring something new in this style during his next showing.


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