It is obvious that cybersecurity is a serious concern, particularly in these challenging moments. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many company owners, enterprises, and organizations have turned to digital solutions to protect their firms’ long-term viability. However, many firms overlook the hazards and consequences of cybersecurity assaults while using digital solutions. According to studies, most business owners only take action to combat cybersecurity assaults after being personally affected by them. While some organizations may be fortunate, in serious circumstances, the data that has been stolen can have a significant impact on the organization and its consumers, causing the firm to be unable to continue operations. To avoid occurrences like the one described on the other page, we believe that preventative measures should be implemented from the front end to the back end of every process. Every firm should have its own security policy, acquire security equipment or software, hire security specialists such as ethical hackers to undertake penetration testing, and only enable administrators to edit and access sensitive data.