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  1. 1. Patient symptoms: What brought the patient to the doctor or hospital?
    It is expected that the student will thoroughly research the patient’s pathology through use of the Internet, medical library or other appropriate avenues.
    2. Discussion of imaging techniques and how diagnosis was made: The student is encouraged to sit down with the Radiologist and go over the patient’s images and chart when possible.
    3. Compare normal radiographic appearance with abnormal images depicting the appearance of the pathology.
    4. Treatment plan: Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, drugs/medication, physical therapy
    5. Prognosis of the disease or condition: What is the health outlook for this patient?
    6. Conclusion: In the conclusion the student must include a question and answer period where he or she is expected to field questions knowledgeably.
    7. Reference bibliography: Must be turned in at the time of the Presentation. Bibliography must include consultations with key medical personnel and a list of Internet sites visited for research.

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