A Fragment to Dental Hygiene


My name is Yaqi and I am in the process of obtaining my Dental Hygiene License. Now, how did I get into this field you ask? I am going to try and make a very long story very short. Dental Hygiene initially began as a stepping stone to dental school, however once the program started and the individual components were introduced one by one I began to realize the influence this program had on me. I won’t lie and say I was not nervous on the first day of clinic, I freaked out like the rest of my fellow classmates, but as each day went on my confidence grew with it. I became in-tuned relatively quick regardless of the many new skills that were introduced. As the semesters went on, the vigorous demands to fulfill the coursework intensified by the day. That goes without saying, every single day that I walked into that operatory I felt a sense of drive to provide my patients the utmost quality oral preventative to their treatment. The capability of altering one’s perception towards the necessity of oral care and the growth of patient self-interest that comes with each visit has made me love and want to continue down this incredible career path. Throughout the two years, I’ve recognized every successful story of my patients returning for their recare with major improvements; it is a sincere compliment to myself and to my resilient instructors that guided me throughout this journey. If you have read this far without losing interest, I commend you. But I’d also recommend that you explore the rest of my portfolio to learn in detail what I have done thus far. Trust me, it won’t hurt. I hope you enjoy!