Storyboard 1

  1. Big Close up

-Jake, the burly teen with Pock mark on the face

  1. Medium long shot

-show the tattoo on his arm

  1. Close up

-A scuffed military boot in the dirt

  1. Medium Shot

-He takes down the cigarette from his ear

  1. Long Shot

-He sees the kids milling around and one kid with Space Ranger backpack

  1. Close up

-He lights the cigarette

  1. Single Shot

-He walks to the kids

  1. Long Shot

-He gives the candy to a kid


My goal is to become a interior designer, Im taking this class becasue I want to learn how to design. The reason I want to be a interior designer because of my father. Also he is a designer too. His works make me interest of design. I would like to work on my design with a computer because it is very convenience for modern people. I still don’t know what kinds project I like to work on, maybe I am new to this major and still need some time to learn more about how does design works on.


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