Internship Journal Entry 11 @ New York App Designers

Finishing up our final week at NYAD was great! I took away great ideas and work ethics that will take me forward as a designer. It was great establishing a broader skill set in Photoshop and I hope to work with NYAD on more apps. Taking away from my experience at NYAD, I was motivated to think and execute in my own terms. I was heard. I was able to output what I wanted and was encouraged to have freedom in what I was designing for. Instead of being constrained and bounded to a brief by a client, I was encouraged to do what I liked and had to justify what I did. Hope to work with them in the on going future.

Internship Journal Entry 10 @ New York App Designers

WalkerWear was a client that we just started developing an app for. I enjoyed this app due to the fact that it had something to do with streetwear, something I was really interested in. WalkerWear is a brand that has it roots down from the early 90’s with celebrity endorsements from Tupac and Biggie. The brand slowly went out of date with its slow progression with modernizing into to todays technology. This is where NYAD came in and started development on a app. Using the same approach as previous apps, we created layouts showcasing the product and artists wearing WalkerWear.

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Internship Journal Entry 9 @ New York App Designers

Going to meet with Juice For Life was a good experience. Meeting the manager on-site of the Brooklyn location, we experience front hand the process in juicing. I was encouraged to try a wheat shot that we featured on the app. I never drank one before and boy, it packs a punch. The wheat grass shot is really wake up especially for our early meeting at location. Meeting with management, they really liked the app we created and want to take it to the next level by updating with what else they wanted. We hope to hear from them soon. The overall experience meeting with a client was a a good one. I took notes on presentation and etiquette as well.

Internship Journal Entry 8 @ New York App Designers

I’m starting to see myself get better at Photoshop with more use with it at NYAD. Editing images and creating ads is a main focus at NYAD. Using the templates found on the NYAD website, dimensions are given of the live area on the app. I usually scale, crop, and insert copy for the development and layout of the app. Creating a simple, clean and easy functionality are key points in making a successful design and overall develops my skill as as a designer. I’m excited to look on to furthermore projects that will be challenging as NYAD was. It’s great experience to be a front end developer for a app.

Internship Journal Entry 7 @ New York App Designers

At NYAD, we’ve already created 4 apps and started our new app, S&S Security Services. S&S is a small company that primarily certifies students with there security license. Knowing the brief and the audience for the app, we constituted to create a security themed app with prioritizing colors such as yellow, gold, and black. Those colors also relative to the shield logo. We developed layouts that are shown below. Check them out!

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Internship Journal Entry 6 @ New York App Designers

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At NYAD, I see myself going far. I learned a lot of the backend program and became comfortable with posting my own content. I started to even work from home to forfill client requests. I also created mockups for the client on table top designs with custom ads for there restaurant, such as El Mekkah, a lounge in Brooklyn. I would say my performance overall was great and really helped in creating the marketing tools for the mobile app. My main duty was to create a platform that will have the user comfortable to use the app and I believe I did just that.

Internship Journal Entry 5 @ New York App Designers

A collaborative project that I worked on was an app for Juice For Life. My partner and I created the layout and imagery for the app. We communicated in person and shared files via Dropbox. We successfully created a demo of the app for our client which were host of the power 105.1 radio show “The Breakfast Club.” Together, my partner and I met the manager and are proceeding to make the launch of the app we created

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Internship Journal Entry 4 @ New York App Designers

At NYAD, I definitely feel that my position connects directly to my major, Graphic Design. I edit many pictures and create a advertising campaign that can co-relate to what the client tries to provoke on there websites. My typical day consists of making slider images, thumbnails, and layouts of how the app is going to look. Once live, clients and users can view and download the app from the app store or google play. I enjoy using photoshop so the imagery is like second nature to me now.

Internship Journal Entry 3 @ New York App Designers

My internship with NYAD takes place at the Amazon Web Loft in West Broadway. The workplace is very chill and cool. Everybody is casual and independently working on projects. At the Loft, the workplace is chill with outdoor space with ping-pong table during breaks. It also provides a kitchen with unlimited amounts of cereal and goodies that one can just grab and eat. Also at times the Loft has web seminars that provide information on development on web applications that is always invigorating to hear.

The typical workday is from 10am-5pm which includes a break at anytime. My day consists of starting at 10am and working profoundly on developing new images and contents for the app. Around 2pm is when I start going on break and enjoy some lunch around the vicinity. The loft is real chill and allows many comfortable places to just sit back and enjoy your work and lounge.


Internship Journal Entry 2 @ New York App Designers

My supervisor’s name is Khalidi Lawson. I came in contact with him from previous students that were enrolled at NYAD. I took down his email contact from another student’s evaluation and proceeded to contact him directly. After a email, Khalidi replied very promptly and asked if i could do a interview over the phone. Sending him a few of my work via email, Khalidi then conducted the interview process. He asked, “What programs was I comfortable?” Also, he inquired about what sort of things I wanted to accomplish as a graphic designer. Finally, he gave me the good news that I was going to be working as a graphic designer. As a designer, I was creating images for the app that were being created.