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2nd Semi-Annual Student Academic Conference

Christopher Navarrete

The second Student Academic Conference.

Science Fiction Festival Callboard

Leanie Tejada

ENT 3430 Festival Project

FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

Welcome to the First Year Learning Communities Open Lab project page. If you are interested in joining the Reflective Writing Project or just learning more about events, resources and information related to the […]

CMCE Career

Prof. AM Sowder

Career Resources for the City Tech Department of Construction Management and Civil Engineering (CMCE). Run by Anne Marie Sowder, Assistant Professor and Job Placement Coordinator.

Travel To Alpha Centauri in 20 Years 3.0 Group 10 Eng  2575 OL96

Travel To Alpha Centauri in 20 Years 3.0 Group 10 Eng 2575 OL96

R. T. Richards

Developing technology that will allow us to travel to Alpha Centauri in 20 years

The Open Road

The Open Road is our place to highlight all that’s possible on the OpenLab. Join now to keep up on OpenLab news, events, and updates. Check our weekly In the Spotlight posts for a glimpse into the incredible w […]

[ ADeral ] A Hub for Advertising and Graphic Design Students

Description here

HMGT Academic Advising

Prof. Karen Goodlad

Advice, tips and resources from faculty, staff and students to ensure all Hospitality Management students can design their own path to graduation.

English Department

English Department

Online space for faculty members of the English Department to collaborate, share resources, have conversations, and archive departmental materials. *Avatar Photo Credit: magnetic fridge poetry, Steve Johnson, […]

MAT 1275 CO Video Resources

Ariane Masuda

Struggling a bit with your homework or want to be sure you understand an idea well? Here are videos you can watch, sorted by subject, to help you on your journey. Enjoy! Avatar image and site header created […]

U.S.A’s STEM jobs

In the U.S., STEM job employee population only represent 3% of U.S. population. Meanwhile, other countries like India, China, Korea, Japan have higher STEM employee of their population than U.S. In this technical […]

Thelma Bauer’s eportfolio

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