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Office of the Provost

Office of the Provost

Kim Cardascia

City Tech’s Source for Academic Affairs Information

The Mathematics Assessment at City Tech

Nan Li

This website is to post information for the Assessment work in Department of Mathematics.

Connect the DOTS — Professional Development

Connect the DOTS — Professional Development

Jonas Reitz

This is the sandbox for creating professional development content for the MSEIP Connect the DOTS project. Project Avatar by Flickr User Josh Evnin, CC BY-SA 2.0

CMCE Career

Prof. AM Sowder

Career Resources for the City Tech Department of Construction Management and Civil Engineering (CMCE). Run by Anne Marie Sowder, Assistant Professor and Job Placement Coordinator.

WeBWorK Working Group

This group is for faculty who are participating in the rollout of WeBWorK. We are working together to: Create instructional documents for the WeBWorK end-users (both faculty and students), Develop creative […]

OER Fellows: 2022-23

OER Fellows: 2022-23

Cailean Cooney

This is a private space for discussion among OER Fellows.



Shopzilla, a growing company, aims to streamline operations and reduce costs by implementing digital technologies. This proposal suggests the introduction of automation, machine learning, and other cutting-edge […]

Open Pedagogy on the OpenLab

The purpose of this project is to create a forum to ask questions, generate discussion, and share teaching materials, resources, and ideas about teaching and learning on the OpenLab. Avatar image: ”The open […]

Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Portfolio for Rebecca Mazumdar, Ph.D. including teaching philosophy, sample assignments and activities, and data from evaluations by students and colleagues.

Pedagogy Reading Group

Rebecca Mazumdar

This is a low-pressure, asynchronous reading group. We don’t certify anyone. We aren’t doing workshops or anything official. This is just a place where we can slowly read and talk about pedagogical approaches. […]

Proposal: Meta Social Interactive Game

Proposal: Meta Social Interactive Game


The game aims to promote physical activity and healthy habits while providing players with a unique and engaging experience.

All Circuit Project Tutorials You’ll Ever Need (Group 3)

Nicholas Pillay

We offer a large variety of tutorials on how to create different circuit projects and offer material kits with each tutorial.