Class Information for Monday, Dec 20 — Last Day

Hi Class,

Today is the last day of class.

  • Grades are closed.


  • Extra Credit: If you read your extra credit writing, I will award you 10 points to be added to your Coffeehouse Grade.
    • 3 minutes: What is your favorite story from this semester and why?
    • 3 minutes: What are your plans for holiday break?
    • 3 minutes: What are your plans for 2022?


I’m honored to have been your professor during this very trying semester. I wish you all health and well-being in the coming year!

Best wishes,

Prof. Scanlan

Class Information for Monday, Dec 13


Agenda for Monday, Dec 13:

1–Freewrite: open topic

2–Review last three classes:

Dec 13: essay due: 11:59 pm tonight

Dec 15: final exam during class: please arrive on time.

Dec 20: monday last class: in class extra credit (10 points)

3–Turn in Final Essay…….Blackboard

Q1: how many quotes? 5

Q2: min words: 900

Q3: Can you have outside sources? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!

Q4: Works cited? Yes. Small: story and ethics handout (See Purdue OWL if you have questions)

Q5: Thesis/method–while x, I think y. 


4–short essay topics for final exam (concept applied to story)–Gothic concept to one of our recent stories: for example: CGI, SOP


Email any questions!

Best wishes,

Prof. Scanlan

Class Information for Wednesday, Dec 8

Agenda for Wednesday, Dec 8


**NOTE: I will not hold office hours on Thursday, Dec 9–email any questions that you have.


1–Outlines: due before class, but I will still award points if you post today

2–Final Essay: when is it due? [Monday, Dec 13]

3–Final Exam: when is it? [Wednesday, Dec 15]

Homework: revise, edit, proofread Final Essay. Submit via BlackBoard (deadline is midnight, Dec 13)

Class Information for Monday, Dec 6

Agenda for Dec 6:

********Important: please review the Weekly Schedule so that you know what is happening in each of the next five classes.

1–Freewrite: open subject

2–Discuss: 10 minutes to reflect…

Why did you chose your story? Be specific.

Which characters and scenes will you explore?

3–Thesis: put your ideas into an order:

A–ethics and characters, what is interesting

B–is there a change? Motivation? action/reaction?

C–try to put the thesis into the blueprint: While X, I think Y.


Homework due Wednesday, Dec 8: work on your outline for the final essay, and then post it on OpenLab. At least 200 words. [Category: Final Essay Outline]


Class Information for Wednesday, Dec 1

Agenda for Wed, Dec 1

1–Freewrite: open subject


2–Quiz 3 on BlackBoard. Due by 11am. When you answer a question, you must indicate a source of proof.

Claim—> then—> proof. Use the story to support the claim. 

Example: what ethics does George seem to follow?

Answer 1: Deontology.

Answer 2: Deontology because he has to follow the rules of his engineering job and he has to follow the rules of INS so that Amina can successfully get her green card. 



Homework for Monday, Dec 6: 15 minutes of fierce, energetic, focussed freewriting!

1–Select a story for Final Essay on ethics. Reread the story. Then freewrite about why you like this story for 5 minutes.

2–Freewrite about the central characters from this story for 5 minutes.

3–Freewrite about the most important scenes in the story for 5 minutes. 

**Be prepared to read from your freewrites on Monday.

Class Information for Wednesday, Nov 24

Agenda for Wednesday, Nov 24




Go beyond summarizing the thesis.

Don’t do this: Therefore, I’ve proven my thesis.

Move the argument forward!

Recursively edit and update the thesis based on your findings as you write the essay. Recursively: to do something in a looping pattern, bring new information back into the beginning.


3–Quiz review


4–Final Essay Directions and freewrite: favorite two short stories


Homework due Monday, Nov 29: read/review “An Arranged Marriage.”

(Note: Quiz 3 will be on Wednesday)


Class Information for Wednesday, Nov 17

Agenda for 11/17


1–Freewrite: Open subject

2–Discuss characters in “Assimilation”: define this term: to process information. To process and to assume the cultural values and beliefs; to assume the majority groups ways of living. 

Jalena: extended family of B’s who marries Ramon so that she can get her papers. Personality:

Ramon: works at B’s restaurant, and is set up to marry J. He’s offered money and fell in love with her photo. Personality:

Leon: R’s brother

Boraslav: Restaurant owner

Anya: B’s wife

Alexander: J’s boyfriend. 

3–Quiz from 10:30 – 11:00 on BlackBoard


Homework for Monday, Nov 22: Read “An Arranged Marriage” by Nell Freudenberger, and in your notebook, write down the main characters and what types of globalization and ethics are present. Nothing to turn in, but I will call on students for participation points.

Class Information for Monday, Nov 15

Agenda for Wednesday, Nov 15

1–Freewrite: open subject

2–Ethics Handout: 5 Types of Ethics in Readings menu tab. Read together.

3–15 minutes work in class: characters in Say Hello, Wave Goodbye. Question: what type of ethics does a character seem to follow.








How should the types be ranked?

Jazz: DEONTOLOGY; Virtue Ethics; Utilitarianism; Feminist Ethics; Global ethics


Man in Black:



Homework for Wednesday, Nov 17: read “Assimilation” by Doctorow and prepare for Quiz 2– our second major in-class quiz. 1 question on globalization, 1 on Interpreter of Maladies and 2 questions on ethics and “Assimilation.”

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