My summer consisted of helping my parent with our new food business. My father decided to open his own food vendor service after working for someone for 15 years. My mother decide to open her own home food service to men who work as delivery men. It consisted of waking up early and making sure food is made and supplies is ready. 

My favorite story so far was “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson – the story is about small town villagers are gathered in the square on 27th, a beautiful day for the event, taking place is know as “The Lottery”. Mr. Summers arrived with an important black box that has not been used for many years that will be filled of slips of papers. As Mr. Summers began to mix up the slips of paper in the black box  Tessie Hutchinson is described to be flustered because she had forgotten an important day to this village. As “The Lottery” is happening the Hutchison family is reported “got it” – Tessie argues that it wasn’t fair because her husband didn’t have enough time to select a paper. Mr. Summers asked whether or not there are any household member of the Hutchison family, and Bill Hutchison say no because his married daughter draws with her husband. Mr. Summers continues to question how many children does Bill have, and he answers with three. Again, Tessie protests that the lottery isn’t fair. Once, the Hutchison draws their slips of papers and opens them, they find that Tessie had drawn the paper with the black dot. The villages grab their stones and throw them at Tessie (who is standing in the middle of the crowd) who again not only protesting that “The Lottery” isn’t fair, but also pleading for her life.  It is dark irony that made this story my favorite – it’s society is seen to be perfect. Children go to school, wives follow their husbands, and everyone is happy. The dark irony is that “The Lottery” is about wining money and being the important person in this community however, in reality it’s about men, women, and children decide to commit a necessary murder to continue their sacred  tradition to be the best and purified community to not become animals.