ENG1101 D024 Composition 1, Spring 2022

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End of Semester Schedule


***NOTE: there is no final exam in this class***

May 9 Mon:

Discuss Homework: author quotes, student quotes, and beginning to Reflection Essay

Discuss ways to correct the sample RAB–handout

In-class conferences

Homework due Wed: 20 corrections to RAB


May 11 Wed:

Due today: 20 corrections to RAB for 20 points–chart and new version printed

In-class conferences

Homework for Monday: First page of Reflection Essay


May 16 Mon:

Due today: First page of Reflection Essay

Peer Review of Reflection draft

Homework: finish revising all parts of the Final Portfolio:

1–IH revision doc sheet–typed and all process work

2–RAB revision doc sheet–typed and all process work

3–Refection Essay


UNIT 3: 140 points

20–Coffeehouse 4–Documentation sheet IH

20–Coffeehouse 5–Documentation sheet RAB

20–Revisions printed–IH

20–Revisions printed–RAB

60 Reflection Essay

Participation: 35–attendance based

Extra Credit:

Coffeehouse 6: last week schedule – 10 points added to Partic

Last day extra credit on 5/23 — 5 points added to Partic


NOTE: MAY 17 is  Prof. Scanlan’s last office hours 1-2 via Zoom.



May 18 Wed:

Final Portfolio (Unit 3) is due in class. There are no exceptions to this deadline. Early submissions are encouraged.


May 23 Mon:

Last day of class. Extra credit points will be awarded for coming to class


RAB Student Example for Fixing:

RAB corrections assignment

Class Info for Wednesday, May 4


2–Paragraph Handout review

3–Quiz 2 discussion

4–Individual help with body paragraphs (5 points)


A–select quote from handout

B–select and be able to defend one quote from your own work (for reflection essay)

C–Begin letter style reflection essay–first three sentences

Class Info for Monday, May 2


–Paragraph worksheet as group work

–Individual help

–HOMEWORK: Revise at least two body paragraphs–Intellectual Home essay–and then print new draft and revise Documentation sheet as needed. Bring to class on  Wednesday. I think 1 hour of concentrated work should be enough.

Class Info for Monday, April 25


-Unit 2 discussion–return RAB

-Information on Print sources

-Parts of a Book: Basic Parts: Front Matter; Body; Back Matter

Major parts: front cover, back cover, spine, Title (sub title), author, blurb, ISBN

Front Matter: End Papers, Title Page, Copyright Page, Table of Contents, Dedication, Epigraph, Preface/Foreword

Body: Intro, pages, Epilogue/conclusion

Back Matter: Endnotes, Bibliography, Acknowledgements, Index, End Papers


HOMEWORK: Prepare for Quiz 2 on Wednesday: Conditional sentences; Comma Rules with Quotations; Works Cited order for online Academic Journal; EC: Book Parts

Class Info for Wednesday, April 13


-Freewrite–open topic

-Unit 3 instructions

-MS Word help

-Two handouts on corrections

-Group Work

HOMEWORK: enjoy spring break

MS Word Refinement Instructions:

Step 1: File—>Options

Step 2: –>Proofing

Step 3: –>Grammar and Refinements

Step 4: –> Settings. Check almost all the boxes!

Step 5: Recheck or just keep typing.

Class Info for Wednesday, April 6

**Note: I put today’s notes in Notepad


Freewrite: If you had another week to work on Unit 2, what would you like to accomplish?


Comma Confidence: Handout on OpenLab


Sentences: The series sentence; The narrative sentence


Group Work: This activity is meant to show us all that our writing should be flexible and welcomes change and improvement.


Homework: For Monday,

1–bring in a printed copy of your intellectual home essay–with or without my marks.

2—Fix the sentences on the handout: “What Makes Good Writing” (pay attention to changing verbs to action verbs and work on commas; you may revise or rewrite the sentence any way you wish)

Class Info for Monday, April 4

Hi Class,

Today we will:


-Discuss the format for the RAB, which is due on Wednesday

Format for Unit 2

-Discuss the conclusion and perform a brief peer review

-One-on-one help

HOMEWORK: The Final Draft of the Reflective Annotated Bibliography is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday. Edit and proofread your project with care. I advise each student to ask at least one person read their work before turning it in. Bring a printed copy of the final draft and all process work (peer reviews and earlier drafts). Participation points will be awarded for having this project ready to hand in to me at the beginning of class.


Interview Style Peer Review for RAB Conclusion: April 4, 2022




1—Title? If you don’t have a title for your RAB, then create one now.

2—What was surprising?

3—How did your ideas of this topic change as you learned more?

3—What did you learn that you want others to learn?

4—If you had another week or two to work on this project, what type of source would you want to read/research?

5—Who should learn about this topic?

6—What was your strongest source and why?



Proofing Advice:

1. Buy a friend a cup of coffee and have them read over your essay and make comments.
2. Pay a friend/colleague a nickel for every mistake or problem that they find.
3. Read your essay out loud. Enunciate each word. If something is wrong, your ear usually picks it up.
4. Read “backwards.” This is a technique used by professional editors: starting at the end of your essay, read each sentence in reverse order (don’t read the words in reverse order).
5. Replace all weak verbs; change passive verbs to active verbs.
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