Life as a Web Designer (Part 3)

Choose your own deadlines?
Unless you happen to be working with a strict Web Design agency or client, you can very often choose your own deadlines. You can decide how long something will take and in most cases, your client will have no option but to agree to it.

How to promote your work?
Every website you do promotes you, every piece of work you complete will probably be seen by hundreds, thousands, maybe more. And each of those website’s will usually have your name or your company’s name in its credits. So essentially, every time you launch a website, you are publishing an advert that promotes your Web Design skills.

Life as a Web Designer (Part 2)

Is there a Demand for Web Designers?
Web Design is one of the few industries that has been growing at a steady rate and shows no sign of stopping. As Internet usage keeps increasing, more and more companies are going to want a websites. Even as economies suffer, companies will need well designed websites to stay ahead. It’s not only for new websites but implementing new technologies or rebranding a website..

How to learn Web Design?
Web Design is one of the few technical jobs that you can learn completely alone. The Internet has a wealth of information on every single aspect of Web Design and with technology constantly changing, there’s no better way to learn. And since Web Design also involves a lot of creativity, you can actually seriously impress a prospective employer without actually having any specialized qualifications. I choose to go college for my Web Design degree because I wanted to have it and also to see what I can learn outside the web.

Life as a Web Designer (Part 1)

Why I became a web designer?
Web Design started out as a hobby for me and slowly grew into a career. I remember spending hours and hours learning web design, not because I wanted a Web Design career but simply because I enjoyed doing it as a hobby.

Is Web Design Interesting?
There are so many jobs out there that are just boring to me. You keep doing the same things, day in, day out. Same people and same repetitive tasks. In a Web Design, you’re constantly working on new projects. New projects bring new challenges and require a lot of creative thinking. Being a Web Designer allows you to try out new ideas constantly so the chances of getting bored are reduced drastically.

The Responsive Web

What is responsive web design?
Responsive web design Is a style of coding that allows websites to respond to the all devices it’s being viewed on. For example if it’s a smartphone, computer or any other web surfing devices, it makes the website’s user experience better.

How does it work?
Responsive design allows specific codes to be called based on a user’s web browser width. The code is written in a way to distributed content in percentages of the screen sizes.

What are the benefits?
It looks good on smartphones, tablets, computers & other devices. It’s user friendly and SEO friendly(Google recommends it).

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Process Of Web Design: Mission

I’m a student of modern web designs for both desktop and mobile. I’ve been doing this for 4 years and I’ve been playing with coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AS3 for almost 10 years. I’m blogging because I want to inspire other and share valuable information to new upcoming graphic/web designers, developers, freelancers & entrepreneurs. I’m also blogging about something I’m passionate about. My main focus would be on all aspects of web design. From research, planning, designing, coding, testing and launching.

Some blogs that inspired me to start blogging are, &, these blogs were all helpful in their own ways. By blog would be on a more personal level of my creative routines and I may have a some interviews with some rockstar designers as well. I hope that my blog my lead to all the benefits that comes with social exposure, so stay tuned.