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Kevin Dewitt’s ePortfolio

A look into my life here at City Tech

Samuel Guzman’s ePortfolio


Walter Guaman’s ePortfolio

Hi everyone My name is Walter Guaman I am in New York City College of Technology for a bachelors degree in Communication Design, this was not my first interest if i’m being quite honest because for as long as I […]

Jessica Gomez Parral’s ePortfolio

Jessica’s MTEC-1001 Portfolio

Melissa Marana’s ePortfolio

Hello, my name is Melissa! a little about myself is Im a transfer student coming from Brooklyn College to currently a City Tech student. It’s my first semester here and not timid at all. I’m majoring in Com […]

Jonathan Rodriguez’s ePortfolio

My graphic design portfolio

William Valentin’s ePortfolio

Welcome to my collection of work that I have completed throughout my years as a Emerging Media Student!

Sebastian Chapman’s ePortfolio

Communication Design

Fatma Oukili’s ePortfolio

Culmination F22 ePortfolio

Charles Mandell’s ePortfolio

Car Documentary that focuses on film knowledge including camera usage and editing.

Brannon Law’s ePortfolio

Brannon Law’s Culmination Project

Camille Ragland’s ePortfolio

My name is Camille Victoria Ragland, and this is my portfolio as a student of New York City College of Technology. This site will show different personal and school projects, as well show progression from the […]