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Ruth Fernandez’s ePortfolio

Ruth Fernandez ePortfolio

Fredelin Perez Ogando

Communication Workshop

Noelia Contreras’s ePortfolio

Noelia Contreras’s ePortfolio

Cyrina Gonzague-Benjamin’s ePortfolio


Parisa Nahvi’s ePortfolio


LIVING ROSA’s ePortfolio


Althea Caesar’s ePortfolio

Althea Caesar’s ePortfolio

My Name is Althea Caesar and I am a Registered Nurse. I graduated from NYCCT in May 2011 with my Associates Degree in Applied Science. I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at NYCCT and w […]

Michelle Ward, RN

Professional Nursing Practice

Joanne Saint-vil’s ePortfolio

Joanne Saint-vil’s ePortfolio

Bachelor of nursing Hi this is my Eportfolio

Marianna Levin’s ePortfolio

I am a registered nurse, currently enrolled in bachelor’s degree program. I work on a medical floor at BIMC for 9 years. In a future I would like to do case management or to manage a medical floor. Besides from […]

Crystal ePortfolio


mariya Kostova’s ePortfolio

If dental hygienists were superheroes!!! If dental hygienists were superheroes, the world would be a better place! There would be no toothless people and everyone would have a smiley face! There would be no […]