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Elvis Gordillo’s ePortfolio

This is a list of all of my past work during my time in the Communication Design program at NYC College of Technology.

Zarina Barsh’s ePortfolio

MTEC 1001



COMD 1112

Hassam Paul’s ePortfolio

Hassam Paul’s ePortfolio


John Cruz-Makuku’s ePortfolio

John Cruz-Makuku’s Culmination project

Anthony Adjami’s ePortfolio

Communication Design

Alexis Vega Velez’s ePortfolio

Hand’s on projects that have been completed throughout the semester

klever quinde’s ePortfolio

klever quinde’s ePortfolio

communication design student

Samantha Toro’s ePortfolio

For as long as I can remember, I was always a very artistic person. Since a child, I loved creating things no matter what is was. Ever since, I felt passionate about art and believed art was whatever you wanted it to mean.

Ely Ballinas’s ePortfolio

This is my online portfolio

Emmanuel Burke’s ePortfolio

Mtec 1001 work

Gelek’s ePortfolio

Gelek’s ePortfolio

Gelek’s ePortfolio