Pop Culture Demographics

A student conducted research on pop culture demographics by interviewing a series of people, females and males from different races and ethnicities asking them if they knew who the famous rapper is? These were his findings.

In this second video the student questioned the same group on their knowledge on twitter. Notice how this time everybody knows what twitter is compared to the previous video.




As a group we strive to educate others on the past, present, and future image of what pop culture was, is, and will continue to be in the future to come. Our intent as a group is for our classmates to rediscover the true meaning of pop culture. Everyone has their own ideas of what pop culture is and that’s what makes this topic so diverse and unique.

In prehistoric societies, pop culture was seen as art and tradition. People took part in wedding ceremonies, they performed music that was written scores, and later established fashion styles. During the Renaissance era composers created music by writing notes on paper to be shared with the public. William Shakespeare was considered to be the first pop culture “superstar” of the Western World. His plays were a huge success with audiences, was enjoyed and portrayed as art  in the theater. Unlike in today’s age pop culture did not spread globally through technology or the internet, instead explorers revealed pop culture to the world through their expeditions. On their expeditions they encountered various art, artifacts, and customs.Modern pop culture as we know it today began with the baby boomer generation back in the 1940’s. Rock n, roll was a major pop culture revolution that took the 1950’s by storm.

The introduction of American studies as a subject helped set new horizons for popular culture. In the beginning, television and the entertainment also played an important role in shaping up the future of popular culture.The development of popular culture explains its influence on society. New technologies and globalization, such as social media, have enabled the expansion and popularity of popular culture in a 24-hour world of information. Today Pop Culture consists of much more than prehistoric art. Today, Pop Culture ranges from movies, TV shows, comic books, television, music, video games, and books. Pop culture also can branch out into sports, fashion and even technology.

 The main purpose of our site is for people to rediscover the different forms of Pop Culture and the reasoning behind it’s popularity. Our classmates and readers will learn about the demographics, ranges, history, and future predictions of Pop Culture.