1978 Chateau Coutet


I happened to have 1978 Chateau Coutet, Barsac at BLT Prime steakhouse.
It was oxidized. It looked very pleasantly oxidized for about 40 years.
it was sweet, still pretty high acidity, high in alcohol. I tasted a lot of stone fruits
and some tropical fruit, nuts and some hazelnut syrup, but all those don’t matter.
It was delicious. There is no need for analysis or evaluation. I would consider it rude
to judge the wine that was slowly aged and matured for decades and learned from years.

It was a kind of experience that put me in a deep thought about my career.
I got into this industry because I loved the fact that I could create great memories for guests.
Do I and work for guests experience?

We say wine sings to tasters. The bottle showed very well but it wasn’t singing.