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Persuasive Message

Persuasive Message

This assignment consisted of the class taking part in a campaign to recruit Brooklyn business and industry partners to provide internship opportunities for students at New York City College of Technology. A general persuasive appeal to employers encouraging them to consider accepting City Tech interns. My ultimate goal was to write a persuasive message from a student point of view who is a Paralegal Studies & Law major and convince employers to contact the Director of Internship Opportunities at City Tech.

Negative Message

American Express.

The negative message assignment that was given consisted of converting a negative message effectively. My topic was telling retirees of American Express they must switch to HMOs health plan. I had to explain to company retirees how changes to their health insurance plan will affect them and how to make the necessary adjusments.

Informative Letter
In my Advanced Career Writing class we were given an assignment that was a response letter to a complaint. In my assignment I turned all the customer complaints about the car rental company into a positive. I addressed the best solution possible for the customer.

Tiger Oil Company

Ā TIGER Oil Company
In my Advanced Career Writing class we were told to create a Tiger Oil Company memo that demonstrates goodwill. We were given this memo by Tiger Mike to re-write that will exercise goodwill between the company owner and its employees concerning fraudulent expenses being charged on the company account.

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum
In my Advance Career Writing class we were told to prepare a ā€œlorem ipsumā€ letter template for the VP of Old Navy and use a header logo, heading blocks for address, date, and salutation. We were expected to use effectiveĀ design choices in use of white space, headings, font selection, and text placement.


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