Physics courses are all online starting Thursday 3/19

Dear Students,

Starting Thursday 3/19, all face-to-face physics classes will be converted to online, live classes. Please follow these steps to find your virtual classroom:

  1. Please log into Blackboard a few minutes before your regular meeting time,
  2. Under the Course Tools, find Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and click it,
  3. Find your course room and join. Make sure your full name is used as you enter the class so your instructor can take attendance.

Manuals for using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra can be located at

If you have any question you can send email to and cc to

Physics Department

City Tech

Experiment: Kirchhoff’s rules

To slow down the battery discharge, the switches should be closed only when reading an LCR meter; otherwise keep the switches open.

Functioning batteries should put out a minimum of 5 V for the 6-V ones and 10 V for the 12-V ones when measured in the closed circuit (with the switches closed).