Have you ever received an email or a message that sounds just too good to be true? Like someone letting you know that they want to hand you millions of dollars for no reason and nothing in return, or you just won a huge prize even if you haven’t participated in any contest. You are most likely about to be scammed and become a new victim of a phishing attack.

Like 2020 wasn’t one of the worst years ever, the pandemic opened a new range of vulnerabilities. With so many businesses forced to move their operations online and millions working from home, these scammers found new ways to allure us in their traps. They are improving their performance, and they are getting more sophisticated every day. These criminals adapt quickly to any situation, and they are taking advantage of any information to achieve their goal. They might be next to us in the coffee shop, in their basement, or a criminal organization on the other side of the world. These fraudsters have all the time in the world, and they will not rest until they get our last dollar.