Welcome to the FYSP Reading Express class! Read on for a description and the objectives of this course…

Course Description

This course is designed to help you improve your reading comprehension so that you can become a successful college student and citizen. We will focus on developing vocabulary, determining main ideas, finding authors’ supporting ideas and details, and making inferences based on context clues. In order to accomplish the goal of developing your reading comprehension, we will read regularly, we will read a lot, we will read carefully, and we will read critically. We will work on creating effective study habits and methods in order to help you focus on achieving your academic and professional goals.

All this reading might sound like heavy lifting—and it should.  Reading when unpracticed is difficult.  But just like heavy lifting, reading can be made easier with practice—practice not only in reading, but also in writing, discussion and thinking. Reading, writing, discussion, and thinking are precisely what we’re here to do in FYSP Reading Express in preparation for the CUNY Reading Proficiency Exam. Not only will the coursework prepare you for the exam, but it will also strengthen your reading, writing, discussion, and thinking skills for the semesters ahead at City Tech, and for life beyond City Tech.

Course Objectives

Over the span of our ten-day course, students will:

  • Learn and use vocabulary
  • Practice using context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words in passages
  • Distinguish main ideas from supporting details in a text
  • Recognize an author’s purpose in writing and the audience for whom s/he writes
  • Practice identifying an argument
  • Practice meeting the demands of the vocabulary exam and the CUNY Reading Proficiency Exam
  • Sit for a vocabulary exam and for the CUNY Reading Proficiency Exam