Project 3

In this project I created an Audiovisual using this tutorial. While the project didn’t meet my expectations it was a good project to work on and learn from.

Link: Slides

Overall my personal thoughts on what I did was that I did ok but that I could do better. The project helped me learn some new things about the systems I was using. I think that if I were to redo the project I would significantly change some things I did such as changing the music track, adding post-processing effects and maybe adding more to the actual visual aspects.

Reaktion Demo

Linked below is a small video of the Reaktion Demo I have done for class. The piece of music I chose was a theme for the monster Bazelgeuse from the game Monster Hunter World. The concept of my project was to “recreate” the monster discovering you and finally attacking you. The discovery portion is the little green “scoutflies” that soon turn red and then disperse as the music get louder. The attacking portion is the big “explosions” which represents one of the main things the monster Bazelgeuse is known for.


Agora Demo

Below is the Agora Call demo I have worked on in class this past week. The process of following the tutorial was simple and I didn’t have to much problems implementing the scripts


Creating a terrain in Unity Pt.2

While creating the initial landscape of my terrain in Unity was fairly simple, the aspect of adding a script to an object was difficult. I wasn’t able to make the script work unfortunately.

My overall feelings on Unity is that I don’t like using it. In my personal opinion the way Unity is set up is very complicated for me. While I can do the simple things like creating a terrain with ease, connecting the objects within my terrain with scripts is to complicated for me to do.

Edit: 3/8/21

I recently tried fixing the script that I wanted to use but it still didn’t want to work. I first tried to use the code that was provided by the professor but it didn’t work initially. Then I tried to play around with how the game objects were tagged but it still didn’t work. I tried to look it up online but nothing I found helped as it changed the code itself.

While the script doesn’t work I have successfully created a terrain in Unity for the most part(The updated project is uploaded to Github:

Making a terrain in Unity

Making the terrain in Unity was a good learning experience for me as I have never used Unity to a great extent. I realized that making a terrain is easier than I thought it would be while going through and making the one I did for class.