Class 1

Today’s class focuses on getting to know each other, an overview of the semester goals and learning objectives, and beginning to understand the key points of being a leader.

We use the American Organization of Nursing Leadership Nurse Manager competencies as our blueprint to leadership.  You can access the document here

1. Please complete the following DiSC personality inventory found at:

2. Please complete the Imposter Syndrome assessment found at:

3. Print and bring the completed documents to our first class.

4. Join Rose Sherman’s blog: emergingRNleader found at:

5. Read Rose Sherman’s blog on Imposter Syndrome found at:

6. Read the following article found in the library

An End to Angels
Gordon, Suzanne ; Nelson, Sioban
AJN, American Journal of Nursing, 2005, Vol.105(5), p.62-69

You will note a library link on the right side of your Open Lab home page.