Welcome to my e-Portfolio

I’m a senior student in the City Tech Dental Hygiene Class and awaiting graduation in June 2022.

-You might ask and wonder, why dental hygiene? What influenced you to pick this field?

-Well I’ve been associated with dentistry for about 8 years and it has been entertaining and interesting to me this whole time, every case is unique and peculiar, it is always engaging, and most importantly I get to do something for others, help them out.

-What is the thing that you value the most about your work?

-It’s rather simple, a full-mouth smile and an appreciation from the patient at the end of the day because I always do everything in my power to help out the patient the most I can.

-What is the most valuable thing you have received while being in this program?

-Well you probably thought I would say my education, but it’s not. Actually, it is my friends that I have met here. They are the ones who helped me survive it since it wasn’t easy at all. One thing I am sure of is they will last a lifetime, I can already feel it, they are my family.