My Name is Oscar Garcia, i am currently majoring on Graphic Production Management at City Tech. My interest on graphic production generated when i went to my fathers job when i was young. He worked for a major printing company named Graphic System Group. I took notice of all the dedication and delicate process that took to just print and prepare an image. I also took notice of all the equipment they used in the shop, i got interested on how they manipulated; prepared a digital image and turn it into reality. I currently work at a printing shop located in Long Island City, Queens and have learned the basic and physical process of image production. At City tech i am hoping to learn the more detailed part of the process.

Whiled i’ve been in City Tech I’ve learned to used programs such as InDesign, Photoshop and illustrator. The programs helped to manipulate the images and type on files and help me understand the dedication and lengthy process of making a digital image before being produced.

My goal is to have a better understanding of the digital part of the production to have a better quality of en result of the product once is reproduced and become from digital to a physical image.