Presentation Schedule

Spring 2024:

April 12, 3-5pm: Jonathan Knutzen, NYU
May 10, 3-5pm: Rob Hughes, Rutgers

Fall 2023:

  • October 27, 3-5pm: Dan Khokhar, NYU
  • November 10, 3-5pm: Travis Timmerman, Seton Hall University
  • December 1, 3-5pm: Rob MacDougall, NYC College of Technology

Spring 2023:

  • February 24, 3-5pm: Collin O’Neill, Lehman College, CUNY. “Libel in Fiction and Freedom of Speech.”
  • March 24, 3-5pm: Elizabeth Edenburg, Baruch College, CUNY. “Disagreement and Public Reason: Controversies over the Epistemology of Rawlsian Disagreement.”

Fall 2022:

  • November 11: Dan Khokhar, “Wrongful Requests.”

Spring 2022:

  • March 25: Daniel Fogal, “The Nature of Good Reasoning.”
  • May 13: Rob MacDougall, “Liberalism and Lockdowns.”

Fall 2021:

  • November 9: Travis Timmerman, “Not Feeling Grim About the Reaper.”

Spring 2021:

  • April 24: Rob MacDougall, “Rights as the Basis for Political Legitimacy.”
  • May 14: Daniel Fogal, “Rationality and Competence to Consent.”

Fall 2020:

  • November 6: Collin O’Neil, “Clinical Trials and the Doctrine of Double Effect.”

Spring 2020: 

  • February 21: Jacob Sparks, University of California, San Diego. “Privacy Not Property.”
  • March 27: Collin O’Neill–CANCELED
  • May 8: Travis Timmerman–CANCELED

Fall 2019

  • November 8: Rob MacDougall, New York City College of Technology, CUNY. “Kantian moral theory and the problem of political legitimacy.” 
  • December 6: Sean Aas, Georgetown University. “Rights against Non-consensual Research: When and Why.”

Spring 2019: 

  • February 8, Collin O’Neil and Marcello Di Bello. Lehman College, CUNY. “Profile Evidence, Fairness and the Risks of Mistaken Verdicts”
  • April 5, Jacob Sparks, John Jay College, CUNY. “Model Justice”
  • May 17, Travis Timmerman, Seton Hall University. “The Search for Virtue in Normative Ethics.”

Fall 2018: 

  • October 10: Rob MacDougall, New York City College of Technology, CUNY. “Justifying informed consent laws: Bridging the gap between moral rights and professional standards.”
  • December 7: Camil Golub, Rutgers University. “A defense of minimal normative realism.”

Spring 2018: 

  • April 27: Sean Aas, Georgetown University. “Property and Authority”
  • March 23: Travis Timmerman, Seton Hall University. “How to be an actualist and blame people.”